Cosmic Enthronement

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Sing praises to the LORD, who sits enthroned in Zion! Tell among the peoples his deeds! Psalms 9:11 ESV

Transcendence carries me to the region of endless life; joy unknown to this earthly sphere heretofore lifts me beyond the plain of this temporal dwelling place. A King is found within a palace seated; the crucible of love inculpable. Read More

Coronation Juxtaposed

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Yet have I anointed (installed and placed) My King [firmly] on My holy hill of Zion. Psalms 2:6 AMP

Almost in a mocking fashion the Lord laughs and scoffs at the leaders of this so called free world who think with all their mechanisms of perceived superiority and might they are greater than Himself. The puppets who stand in office today offering up our children on the altars of economic prosperity and devouring the foundations of marriage and family are to be pitied not fancied. Arise from your slumber God of armies and bring down the barbarian horde; those who oppose righteousness and common sense. Read More

Fractal Pioneering

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And the inhabitants of Jebus said to David, Thou shalt not come hither. Nevertheless David took the castle of Zion, which is the city of David. Chronicles 11:5
     It cannot be presupposed that your enemy has any right to vanquish you even before the fight has started by some fabrication of incertitude. Com’on! So many times we give up before the fight has really begun. Fight mighty one, don’t give in to the tumultuous patterns of deceit and bondage that keep you from victory. Read More