Regional mandate

Melchizedek House of Prayer is under a mandate to see the glory of the Lord manifest in Hendersonville/Asheville and the surrounding region as pertaining to the travail of souls, a catalyst for regional prayer events/communities, and a regional intercessory command network. MZHOP is NOT a hierarchical or governing structure, but a decentralized equipping network.

Melchizedek House of Prayer is committed to the leadership of the Local Church and seeks to foster relationship with local houses

Nameless Faceless

Melchizedek House of Prayer is a nameless, faceless movement committed to prayer, fasting and extravagant giving. MZHOP is NOT about celebrity personalities, but it is about equipping Asheville and the surrounding region in the burgeoning prayer movement according to the confession of John the Baptist in John 3:30


Melchizedek House of Prayer is cross-generational. MZHOP is NOT a movement that disconnects the generations. As we believe that God is uniquely using MZHOP to raise up young and old alike to seek His face, MZHOP seeks to unite the generations in the spirit of Malachi 4:5-6.


Melchizedek House of Prayer is cross-cultural. MZHOP is NOT about one particular people group, but about ALL people groups in the earth. MZHOP believes that the blood line of Jesus Christ has erased the division of the color line and that every tribe, every tongue, every people, every nation will worship God in unison (Revelation 5:9). At the same time, MZHOP values each church/prayer community taking on its own cultural expression


Melchizedek House of Prayer is cross-denominational. MZHOP is NOT sectarian. In the model of Joel 2, we seek to facilitate gatherings of prayer with people involved from the Asheville region and across the Body of Christ to cry out for God’s glory to be released on the earth.


Melchizedek House of Prayer is cross-communicational. MZHOP recognizes the semantic incongruencies of each camp/doctrinal base and seeks to foster an atmosphere where terminologies/theological constructs do not become sources of confusion/argument but where a biblically based hermeneutic is rooted in scriptural essentials and not sources of conflict where non-essential’s are prevalent.