Saga of Eden Series

Patriarcha: The Historical Context of Redemption
God’s Eternal Covenant Document
Covenant of Creation: Examining Sabbath, Marriage & Labor
Adam: The Covenant of Commencement

Additional Resources:

Melchizedek Watchman Nee
The Coming of the Kingdom as the Restoration of Human Vicegerency
Katz – The Mystery of Sonship
Akin, Daniel – Psalm 110 The Great King
blincoe two structures
Humility by Andrew Murray
Brengle on Shouting
A She Veiled
purity covenant
The Life of David Vol I-II
Scougal, Henry – The Life of God in the Soul of Man
Book of Enoch
The Altar and Tent
Song of Abraham
The Living Flame of Love
The Ladder of Divine Ascent
Manchild Overcomer

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